The pump is the “DREDGE HEART”. The most important element for the best dredging operations is the perfect combination between pump types and the different uses. It has been made of a new wear resistant material. The perfect shape between impeller and the body allows to achieve an high hydraulic efficiency with high solid production. The wear resistant material is thick widely to be used in heavy duties. There is a wide range of dimension: from 3” – 75 mm., for industrial use, up to 20” – 500 mm. for difficult dredging duties.

Where can operate a Dredging Pump:
- In riverbed and out riverbed in quarries and mines and where there is a send field or hydrocyclones are used;
- where you have to transport slurry chemistry or chemical processes;
- basins, pipeline or tanks must be cleaned from the sand;
- in foundries: for the evacuation of waste of rolling;
- where it is required the transport of any type of abrasive material.


pompa esplosa


 1. Girante  23. Cuscinetti
 2. Corpo Pompa  24. Reggispinta
 3. Corazza posteriore  25. Anelli Angus
 4. Corazza anteriore  26. O Ring
 5. Anello bocca  27. O Ring
 6. Basamento  28. O Ring
 7. Controcorazza  29. Canapa sevata
 8. Ghiera a bulloni  30. Connessione livello olio
 9. Premitreccia  31. Connessione scarico olio
 10. Canotto supporto  32. Tubo flessibile
 11. Tappo posteriore  33. Tubo flessibile
 12. Tappo anteriore  34. Tappo di sfiato
 13. Albero  35. Molle
 14. Boccola  36. Guarnizioni
 15. Anello centrifugatore  37. Guarnizione
 16. Mozzo girante  38. Guarnizione
 17. Distanziale  39. Bulloni
 18. Anello per reggispinta  40. Viti TE
 19. Distanziale  41. Viti TE 
 20. Chiavette  42. Viti TE
 21. Viti di registro  43. Viti TE
 22. Staffe di fissaggio  44. Viti TC


Characteristics and Performance

dredginpumps characteristics

Costs Reduction

Our dredging pumps allow to reduce the operating costs thanks to a software applied to the fluid dinamics that automatically adjusts the number of revolutions of the pump in relation to the distance of discharge and the total delivery head and that has the following advantages:

• elimination of cavitation and hydraulic and productive optimization of the pump;

• reduced absorption and better returns;

• longer life of wear.

Our pumps are also designed and produced completely made in Italy and boast competitive costs for wear parts and adaptability to other existing dredging pumps resulting in reduced replacement costs.


• type with horizontal or vertical axis;

• vacuum and refluxing for solids with high abrasion resistance;

• pump-shell, frontal liners, suction sleeve made by Chrome – Hard abrasion resisting cast iron – Brinnel hardness 550-600°;

• impeller made by Chrome – Hard  abrasion resisting Brinnel hardness 550-600°;

• Shaft made by 38 NCD4 steel mounted with roller bearing with thrust bearing and placed in oli bath in a block support;

• baty made by strong steel structure;

• packing seal with stuffing boxes;

• bush made by ground chromium plated steel;

• shaft washing chambre.